Chef hat

Complement the cook hats with your kitchen clothes!

The collection of children's kitchen caps that we present at Dyneke are manufactured following the trend of fashion and design that you will find in our aprons and children's kitchen jackets.

So you can combine the entire range of chefs caps with the garments that are incorporated in the section of school kitchen accessories.

You can get a unique children's kitchen set to become a professional chef!

Collection of original chef hats for children!

All hats incorporate unique and cheerful prints that perfectly match children's clothing. The selection of cook hats has a composition where polyester predominates and cotton provides elasticity and proper ergonomics.

Cook hats are not disposable, you can reuse them several times as long as you apply the correct washing and proper drying treatment. The size is universal, they have a rubber on the bottom that holds the forehead well and a Velcro fastening on the back to secure the hat.

Advantages of using children's kitchen caps

The youngest will learn to cook with rectitude, neatness and to understand the concept "self-sufficient". They will appreciate teamwork in the kitchen and will know how to manage risk situations when they need it most.
A good uniform for children will help motivate their spirits and project an image of security and professionalism in their faces.

Do you still doubt if it suits you an original infant chef hat?
Choose a jacket or apron and add them as a main complement to your children's kitchen clothes!