Dyneke is a Catalan family company, founded in 1963 by Josep Llongueras Carreras and his wife Mercè Albert Parera, parents of the current director, Xavier Llongueras Parera, in the small town of Piera, 50 km from Barcelona.

In 1963, Josep was looking for brand name for your company, and after several failed attempts on record, with names like Llongpar, Llopar or Llongueras, on 22th November of 1963, succeeded the assassination of the President of the United States of America John Fitzgerald Kennedy, that's when it occurred to her own tribute to such an important figure of the time, putting the syllables Kennedy backwards, resulting in the current Dyneke. Such was the inspiration for the late American president who for many years have used the colors and motifs of the American flag as corporate colors.

It is at that time, a slogan that created the own Josep Llongueras, and has identified the brand over the years: "Dyneke, always linked to quality".

Dyneke started its activity in the back of a haberdashery (Els Stocks, and disappeared in the old town of Piera), there the first coats lady for home use and school uniforms for children, which would then be sold were produced its own Store as in the nearby villages.

Given the good acceptance of the garments, 1964, 2 representatives were hired to sell in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia. Production activity increased to the point that a small sewing shop was improvised in the basement of his own home. But that space is also too small, and in 1965 an industrial building in what was then the outskirts of town, and today remains the current building Dyneke, immersed in the center of the town of Piera was built. In the late 70s the plant was expanded, tripling its initial space, leaving as we know it today.

In the early 80 's range into Aragon, Basque Country, Rioja, Navarra and Balearic expanded. That's when they started to build the first workwear.

Alicia was incorporated in 1981, the daughter of Josep i Merce, who was in charge of the design department until 2012. At that time a new line of clothing blouses Aliblus under the brand was created and other prom dresses under the name Mercedes Parera.

In 1988, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of its founding, Dyneke have reached their maximum production structure, with 60 workers on staff.

In the 90s, the crisis in the textile sector caused by the closure of the least productive lines, and thus the empowerment of the most viable ranges. It was from 2000 that labor line became the most profitable, and decides to invest strongly in this direction. The decision was not easy because the business model was different from what was known, and passed to work under order to work under stock. But success lies in a wide range, with constant developments and immediate service.

Currently, Dyneke one of the few textile companies continue working and investing in its own production. 60% of the production is done on site and the rest in national workshops.

2012 closes with a staff of 25 employees and a turnover of 1.4 million euros, distributed 75% in workwear, 15% in school uniform and 10% in fashion.

In 2013 they marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company, and various actions were: creation of this new website that allows dealers to keep abreast of all products, offer, stock and ordering information. Steps to start exporting begin. It continues to push to social networks for feedback from users.