Embroider your name

Use our service now to embroider your name in the smocks!

Many parents, guardians or children centers decide that the school smocks have a name embroidered to identify them better. Above all, so that children can socialize with each other and identify each other.

The school smocks have become a pledge that serves to convey much information and much more than we expect if it is the communication established by children who attend child centers.

Get your name embroidered in the nursery smocks!
Start by choosing the nursery smocks that you like the most and match your personality. Once you have your dressing gown add this option in your purchase so we can follow your guidelines.

You can choose the color and the text to include, above all, we ask you to write these concepts in the comments of your order so that there is no confusion.

The embroidery is made by hand in our special factories for making children's school clothes. The confection follows a process of quality control to obtain a durable and nice embroidery.

For this we use cotton as the main fiber and polyester as a secondary fiber that provides durability to embroidery.

Try it now and take your personalized gown to school and be the star of the class!

4.95 Without Vat