Collection of school babis for children, comfortable and fun!

Start with illusion the classes choosing the best design school babis with the ideal properties regarding comfort. Offer your son or daughter a school garment of varied and colorful designs, without forgetting that in the past, Dyneke was a pioneer in the Spanish market because of its feminine idiom.

Our renowned team of designers is committed to child comfort, meticulously elaborating babis for children that break the monotony, decorating the school environment of happiness and joy, developing the collective welfare of the students.

The nurserys babis are manufactured with first quality materials, being cotton and polyester the main components of children's clothing. Other properties that share the items of this collection of school babis, each of them are long sleeves and incorporate a unique pattern on each model.

The diversity of prints present in school babis differentiates between different types of funny drawings: flowers, animals and video game characters. Each one with a particular style that ends up defining the quintessence of the school environment.

The models you acquire can be used as babysitting, for domestic use, at school, in kindergartens and even in children's craft workshops.

These school garments are differentiated from smocks by the absence of buttons, by using smaller and more tight sizes, in addition to having only a central pocket to store any school utensil.

The babis for children are differentiated as they are unique pieces of easy washing, use rubber cuffs to give greater grip and comfort to the students.

Have you ever purchased a school garment that withstands various washes and does not stain other clothes?

All the line of school children's babis that you will find in Dyneke will always give you the greatest washing experience, getting the spots to go fast and you can use it again instantly.

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