Choose our funny children's smocks with buttons, great comfort assured!

If your son or daughter starts kindergarten or preschool and his school gown has been broken, he will need one that he really likes and can stand his energy on.

Choosing our line of children's buttoned school smocks you will find the best quality. A soft fabric with very fun and original prints on the yoke that makes them unique pieces that will be the best set for the little ones.

The entire range of children's smocks with buttons is in long sleeve format. It has rubber cuffs, a round neck and a button fastening system that makes them perfect for crafts.

An advantage you have when choosing Dyneke is that our team of designers has incorporated unique child models for both boy and girl. In this way, we get prints that fit perfectly and are at the forefront of children's fashion.

Another important aspect is the composition of the fabric, as we have seen in another type of button gowns, we always bet on materials that are easy to wash and that do not fade other types of garments when washed.

The purpose of Dyneke has always been to make national-made school smocks and provide both education professionals and students. Our years of experience in the fashion industry have been the roots that have helped to design models of smocks that break the solid structure of monotonous and boring colors.

We use a sizing system structuring the children's school smocks in 9 groups taking into account the age and width. As a result, the garments are multipurpose, turning them into perfect garments for use in nurseries, schools, soup kitchens, pre-school centers, children's parties and domestic use.

Decide on the buttoned smocks and turn your class into the most pleasant environment, comfort and unequaled well-being for the little ones.

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