Handbags and Backbags

Selection of daycare bags with zippers!

The concern of many fathers and mothers has been to adequately equip their children with utensils of daily use to bring breakfast or other objects.

The Dyneke nursery bags have been designed to facilitate the transport of school supplies and can be found in three different variants of bags: basic, mats and bags of new collection.

All bags are closed with laces, facilitating a safe and easy closing for the little ones. We have conditioned the designs so that you can combine them with other garments such as children's kitchen aprons or other school accessories.

In the line of basic bags to keep clothes we offer more than ten different prints with their unique pattern and varied motifs. On the other hand, in the novelties of bags we present an assortment of unique and original prints such as: Minions prints, football prints, astronaut prints, among many more.

Finally, we have the section of the backpacks for kindergarten. Its biggest difference with daycare bags is that they are more oval and can be carried on the back in a very practical and comfortable way. We have used the same format of prints so that you have the opportunity to choose the designs that you like the most with the school accessory that best meets your needs.

Facilitate the school life of children and encourage the dissemination of education is possible with the right tools.

Enter now in the section of school accessories and get ready to start learning with Dyneke!