Choose our teacher stoles and let your class fall in love with you!

Being a teacher means being the reference in the class and the model to follow of the students. Therefore, you should always have an appropriate school work uniform.

At Dyneke, our entire line of teacher's stoles breaks the barrier of seriousness and welcomes a world of color, fantasy and joy. They are perfect to use in plastic activities where the paint or plasticine colors the school environment of fun.

The school's stole for teachers is defined as a piece of light, easy-to-wear, high-durability school workwear. We talk about durability because in Dyneke's production workshops we use cutting-edge clothing and clothing design techniques, apart from manufacturing our garments with high quality raw materials.

There is nothing better than having fun with the little ones and that is that all the teacher stoles are focused on the care of children. Complying with the primary needs of the teachers who work in: schools, children's centers, nurseries and kindergartens.

In addition, the versatility of the stoles allows you to use it as work clothes in toy libraries and toy stores and even give it a domestic use with total freedom.

The fastening systems allow to have 2 different types of stoles: with bows and with buttons.

Available models of stoles for teacher:

The stoles with bows are tied to the body by ribbons. First, tape the tape from the back to the front, then do the same process for the front of the stole and make a loop in the back. This model closes quite the side and only the back loop will be visible, thus achieving to hide and protect the street clothes.

The buttoned stoles incorporate a traditional system that joins the front with the back by side buttons. By having buttons in different lengths you can decide which setting to use. This model does not stick to our body and lets glimpse the street clothes, giving greater mobility and comfort.

For teachers who are new to the preschool environment for children, we recommend that they choose our teacher stole that incorporates kitten reliefs and pink print, it looks great and gives a more professional and cheerful image to the families of the children!

In the range of stoles for teachers there is a presence of components such as cotton and polyester. Materials with thermal insulation and breathable properties, making them a highly valued item in the education sector.

We encourage you to do a search for our section of school smocks for teachers and choose between the different types of products we offer.

You will be perfect, you will look great and you will have a pleasant learning environment!

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