Choose the ideal teacher's smock for your class in Dyneke!

Within the category of school smocks we find the selection of teacher smocks. Currently available in three types of different formats: pichis, smocks and stoles.

The teacher's smocks share a fun and beautiful design throughout its range. Made specifically for children or primary teachers, turning them into fun school smocks. The composition of the gowns is in cotton and polyester, their fabric varies depending on the model and the style of gown that is chosen.

The theacher's pichis are available in 3 versions. One version that you can fasten with buttons on the front, the one which is fastened with buttons on the side and one which is fastened with a zipper. Its mode of use is simple and practical, school teacher's pichis are differentiated by their freshness and originality.

The last variation is the stoles for teacher, similar to the pichis but with rear fastening system. The perfect combination is to use a single color inner shirt to further emphasize the stole.

In Dyneke you will find the most advanced making in work clothes. Our manufacturing process is entirely our own and nationally.