Choose the most original school smocks and make the school an ideal place!

Wide range of school smocks made with precision and following the trend of current fashion. In Confecciones Dyneke we are the pioneers in design and fashion of original and fun school smocks.

What is it that our unique children's smocks do? The different gown formats include totally unique reliefs and own production. We highlight the range of buttons, babi and basic smocks so that going to school is an excursion.

In the line of buttoned smocks we differentiate the type of gowns by gender (boy and girl) and by the type of embroidery. All of them include rubber cuffs on the wrists generating comfort, an easy-to-wash cotton and polyester composition and with a unique print. On the other hand, we introduce babis coveralls as the perfect choice for boys and girls who begin to go to daycare. The babis are made with materials that end up leaving a soft trail in the fabric. Both the neck and the cuffs are made of rubber and confer an adequate elasticity to be one-pieced smocks.

The basic smocks or nursery smocks are differentiated from the babis because they are school smocks with more solid colors and without the presence of prints. They have a higher concentration of polyester in their composition and embroidery of more general tendencies. If your son or daughter makes crafts in his kindergarten, nursery, at school or at home, the anti-stain smocks will make him play and have fun without problems to dirty street clothes. The 100% polyester composition of this smock makes it fine and soft, achieving complete elasticity.

The best part of our school smocks are the complements that you can choose to join our line of smocks. From bags to our famous "PasAventura" that will protect your neck from changes in temperature.

Make school an adventure with our collection of school smocks, always made with quality materials and thinking about the welfare and enjoyment of children.