Commerce and Sthetics

Choose quality hairdresser uniforms and aesthetic uniforms at Dyneke!

We define this section of workwear as versatile and attractive. We have projected on the collection of hairdressing uniforms and aesthetic uniforms, a modern image that follows the current fashion, offering various designs of the best quality that will adapt to the image of your business.

You will be able to use our entire range of hairdressing uniforms and aesthetic uniforms in different formats: jackets, stoles, pichis and pants.

The work pants that we offer in Dyneke garments will complement perfectly with the workwear. All designs have been designed to fit perfectly with professionals from the sectors related to services and commerce.

In Dyneke you will always find accessories that will improve your work clothes making it perfect for use in beauty centers, hairdressers, spas, opticians, pharmacies, among many others.

The uniforms that are used by the commercial and service sectors have a very close relationship with the fashion that is being worn at that time. It is a work wardrobe that is exposed to the client most of the time, it must be attractive to the eye, and in turn, express the professionalism that defines your business.

At Dyneke we are proud to offer quality work clothes to all our customers. We use durable and resistant fabrics so you have the best quality. We make the uniforms with cotton and polyester, giving flexibility to the fabric and thermal insulation, thereby maintaining body temperature.

We supply the businesses with work clothes of own production and Spanish manufacture. Start by marking the aesthetic style of your business choosing Dyneke as your reference brand in workwear!