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The ideal selection of spa uniforms for your business!

The Dyneke spa uniforms are made based on a spectacular design, following a trend of unisex fashion that serves to adapt work clothes to the needs of the market.

We have strictly separated our collection of spa uniforms into 2 types: spa gowns and spa trousers. Through this differentiation of the product we get a more precise approach and a greater emphasis to present better what new features we bring this year in the spa uniforms.

Discover your spa coats and spa pants to serve your customers!

The personification of the service is today the value proposition that identifies your business from others. Sticking to a careful, neat and professional image transmits cognitive values ​​that encourage the consumer to relate your business to the quality and relevance that belong to it.

In Dyneke's workwear, specifically, spa uniforms you can choose between short and long sleeve spa coats depending on your dress code.

On the other hand, the spa trousers are more stylized and long sizing. Some of them even incorporate more subtle fastening systems such as push-up, lace-up fastening, with buttons, rubber and even get a more modern trouser fit giving a slim touch to your legs.

Now it's up to you to choose how you want to convey your professional image with the Dyneke spa uniforms!