Great variety of uniforms for cleaning staff!

Undoubtedly, work clothes are significant for all businesses, although it adopts more professional positions in companies related to the service sector, specifically cleaning.

In this section, we offer different lines of products that are faithful to the same range of cleaning uniforms.

Discover our cleaning uniforms here!

The amount of different formats that you will find will make you able to choose among more than 30 different designs. We distinguish our section of cleaning uniforms in different blocks according to their use:

Cleaning robes
Classified as long service gowns and short sleeves. Its length can reach up to the knees and incorporates two pockets that match the neck, as well as a central zip fastening system that emphasizes neatness and professionalism.

Cleaning pants
Identified as work trousers of grayish tones that resemble the silhouette of a pajama. They are made with cotton and polyester and incorporate an elastic waist that fits comfortably.

Cleaning jackets
A practical, formal, professional and comfortable option in short sleeve format that will help you impress your clients. It incorporates a semi-central collar and central button fastening.
Currently, you can have this type of cleaning uniform in more than 6 different colors and formats!

Cleaning stoles
To use the cleaning stole more effectively, it is recommended to combine it with pure white garments to combine perfectly. The stole reveals the shoulders and fastens with thin side ribbons of light blue or white colors.

This type of cleaning uniform includes a central pocket and white lines in the contours that emphasize the main color of the garment.

If you're a cleaning professional, it's your chance to express your work ethic openly with Dyneke's cleaning wardrobe!

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