The essential for your Sanitary Uniform: the Sanitary Jacket!

The sanitary jacket is a totally necessary and relevant garment at the time of visually attracting the customer's attention, stands out from the rest and is opulent with the surroundings of your aesthetic center.

The benefits of the jacket are multiple and come to captivate the five senses when combined with sanitary pants. Precisely, in the health and welfare sector, we find a more strict network of professionals with the style manual in sanitary work clothing concepts.

For this we have separated the new catalog of sanitary uniforms by type of garment, helping you to find the sanitary clothing you really need at the right time that will help your business grow.

A catalog with more than 60 combinations of sanitary jackets!

The new sanitary jackets that we incorporate will impress you with their contemporary and modern design, with v-neck and short sleeve finishes. We emphasize the white color as main and warmer and softer colors as a secondary tone.

We want to transmit seriousness in your business, and at the same time, trust in the client so that he understands the quality of the service offered. You'll find a polyester and cotton composition that will provide a layer of matte colors and a slender, feminine figure when combined with sanitary pants.

Start discovering the new catalog of sanitary uniforms of Dyneke and choose the new season sanitary jackets. Make the best combinations of sanitary clothes!

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