Health services

Discover the ideal health uniform and start your work with style!

The most stringent sector in terms of work clothes is the sector related to health. Sanitary uniforms must always convey a neat image that transmits professionalism and confidence to customers.

In Dyneke we work every design of our sanitary uniforms adapting them to the real needs of the cleaning sector that makes up the market.

In this case we work more the contours of the garments to mark a contrast with the main color. The sanitary linen is made of cotton and polyester, giving greater durability and resistance to washing.

In this section of sanitary work clothing different types of garments are distinguished: pants, coats, jackets, aprons and accessories. Unlike other sections here you will find more serious designs, lighter colors and a more linear style.

Sanitary uniforms have different uses in the sector of health and personal care. You can use them as work clothes for hospitals, dental clinics, veterinarians, pharmacies and laboratories.

The advantage of buying at Dyneke is its wide range of catalog, offering basic sanitary clothes with colors and classic designs to eye-catching designs.

Bet on a product of Spanish origin and of own production. Our collections of work clothes will not leave you indifferent, make your work a lifestyle with Dyneke!