Enjoy crafts with Dyneke anti-stain smocks!

You never have to worry about if you're going to get stained if you wear our anti-stain school smocks. A wise and correct choice if today your daughter or are should attend art classes.

Its 100% polyester composition gives it extraordinary properties, being a great protector against stains of any kind, whether oil, mud, paint or stains made with a marker.

You should not pay more attention to the spots. This smock is put on top of the street clothes to avoid staining it, since it has long sleeves and having elastic cuffs and neck, they allow to adapt the garment to the dimensions of the wearer. In this way, a soft and light clasp is achieved with a rear fastening system made with a Velcro base.

School smocks that end with the stains in a flash!

His fastening system is important, but it is more important to escape from the seriousness of the school with pencil pockets. With them you can store everything you want in a practical and simple way.

The advantages of the Dyneke children's anti-stain smocks are that you can use them anywhere. Versatility is everything and even more when it comes to protecting ourselves against stains.

Have you already decided on our anti-stain smocks? Find your size and combine them with our school line today!