Discover now the section of fun school smocks in Dyneke!

In this section we present the school range specialized in children's smocks and teacher's smocks. All models of school smocks share a cheerful and fun design, with colorful prints that break with the monotony of other smocks on the market.

In the teacher's smock collection that you will find in Dyneke we have three different modalities: pichis, smocks and stoles. Any model will be perfect as a teacher's smock. Each teacher's smock incorporates its relief and unique pattern, made with quality materials and with the best technology.

You will also find a section dedicated solely and exclusively to children's smocks. We highlight each type of gown for its functionality, distinguishing between children's smocks with buttons, baby gowns, nursery smocks with drawings embroidered in the same fabric.

The anti-stain smocks were designed and made so that children can do handicraft classes without getting their street clothes dirty.

Apart from our collection of fun school smocks we have made complements that combine perfectly with them. We present you the children's kitchen smocks, and bags to go on a field trip with the school.

In addition to our famous PasAventura, very soft tubular scarves  that will combine perfectly with the school smock you have chosen.

In general terms, Dyneke is different from other brands in its sector by breaking the monotony in the line of conventional workwear design. The final result is to obtain original, comfortable and practical school smocks that convey a unique style.