Buy the most comfortable kitchen pants for catering!

If you have come to this section of hospitality uniforms means you need to combine your kitchen pants with kitchen jackets or vice versa.

The main aspect that identifies this type of kitchen garment is the comfort and breathability that you will experience when you are in full performance in front of the stove.

Its composition of cotton and polyester are essential components to tighten to the best quality, we also incorporate a system of fastening with laces at the waist.

Create a renewed image with the Dyneke kitchen pants!

Have you decided to renew your kitchen clothes and need a change of look that communicates quality, professionalism and an image that ends up differentiating your premises?

At Dyneke, we have the ideal kitchen pants for your business to get off to a good start in the market. Our team of dressmakers has designed each garment relating it to the new fashion trends of the market.

We have renewed the catalog, but the most interesting is the wide combination that you can make with the kitchen pants, no doubt, the more than 10 pants will make you can make more than 100 possible combinations.

Even so, nobody knows better than you what is the garment that adheres to the style line of your hotel business. Start now to discover the selection of kitchen pants and fascinate yourself in Dyneke!

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