High-end kitchen jackets for the hotel industry!

There is no chef who can resist the Dyneke kitchen jackets, because their design and use provide the desired comfort and flexibility when working in the kitchen.

The new collection of kitchen jackets incorporates a high-end layout with extra pockets with which you can streamline the menu rotation process.

A smart pocket located at the height of the elbow, in your sleeves, will help you store the information of the dishes requested by the customer and have a more intensive control of the prioritization of menus and tables. You can deposit pens among other things as order information.

New jackets of kitchen to the height of any restaurant!

Dyneke's kitchenwear has fascinated the most stringent of professionals. We have made every angle of the kitchen jackets following the style manual of the hotel guild, incorporating materials that provide practicality to the garment, among which we highlight polyester, cotton and elastane.

A balance in these materials ends up giving as a result, high quality work clothes with thermal, elastic properties and a conditional format that prioritizes ergonomics in use.

The main colors are white and black, depending on the type of cuisine you are making, you will prioritize one finish or another, we will let you make the final decision.

Enter the catering section now and discover how to combine kitchen jackets with kitchen pants in a heartbeat!

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