Give your business a professional look with the Dyneke hospitality uniforms!

Hospitality is a very active sector and work clothes are a much more decisive factor than in other sectors. Professionalism in the service and dealing with the client must be transmitted in a more visual, pragmatic and clear manner.

In our hotel uniforms collection, we differentiate three types of workwear: kitchen uniforms, hotel aprons, pichis and hospitality clothing. All the garments have been made so that the professional finds the comfort and the comfort that is demanded. Providing greater quality in its fabric and better durability.

In kitchen linen we offer kitchen jackets, accessories and kitchen pants. All kitchen uniforms have several designs of closures and solid colors that convey neatness and professionalism in the kitchen.

The hotel and pique aprons can be chosen with or without breastplate. Depending on the personality of your business, you will prefer to choose hotel uniforms with a more modern design, or perhaps, more classic.

The hotel clothing section focuses more on our collection of hospitality uniforms in trousers and jackets with a more casual style and more stylish lines.

As a result, at Dyneke we offer work clothing for chefs, waiters and staff. All garments originate from manufacturing in Spain and are 100% self-manufactured.

Start by choosing Dyneke work clothes to convey a clean and clear image of your business to your potential customers. The quality of the hospitality uniforms will make your business get a fresher and more innovative image. It will break with the monotones offering a more marked style and differentiating you from the rest.

Discover in our section of hospitality uniforms the best workwear that will express the professionalism that is given in your business.