Chef jacket

Make devastating dishes with children's cook jackets!

Learning to cook your best dishes is possible with the Dyneke cook jackets. The new collection that we present to you breaks with the classic lines of gourmet cuisine, creating a freer, more fun and youthful style.

A true innovator of kitchenwear is Alberto Chicote. His kitchen clothes break with the lines of the kitchen wardrobe, giving birth to models of kitchen jackets a little bit outlandish that will delight those who want to stand out from the lines of seriousness.

In Dyneke we equip you with the best children's kitchen clothes, giving you the option to choose between different formats of cook jackets.

Dress you up with the trendy kids wear jackets at Dyneke!

You will find two different types of chef jackets based on their composition and properties

On the one hand, we would have the original chef's jackets with their long sleeves, double line of buttons and white fabric in its entirety. The difference that we highlight in this collection is the composition, where polyester is abundant and cotton is a secondary component.

This children's cook jacket is perfect for more professional cooking tasks that involve greater risk, either frying or cooking dishes that require a more precise mastery of kitchen tools. Without a doubt, here begins your first step towards gastronomy.

On the other hand, you will find our selection of more daring chef jackets, with striking, attractive prints and more focused on a less experimental cuisine.

The difference that this type of jacket incorporates is its total manufacture in cotton, apart from its two daring designs in: skulls and flowers.

Which one do you like the most? Decide in our section of children's kitchen clothes and be a professional in the world of cooking!

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