Clothes bag

The basic bags of Dyneke to keep clothes or lunch!

In this section we highlight the two types of assortment of basic bags, named for their lower presence of prints and a greater presence of polyester in its composition.

Assortments of basic bags are divided into 2 types of different sections: to store clothes and to store lunch or breakfast. Its use is conditioned by its dimensions.

Assortment of basic bags to store clothes comfortably!
The assortment that is offered to store the nursery clothes has dimensions of 31 cm wide by 45 cm long.

Definitely, make this type of kindergarten bag a great ally for children who attend youth centers and must change their street clothes for those who use in that school.

Keep your lunch comfortably in the basic Dyneke bags!
On the other hand, we have a basic unisex bag to keep your lunch or breakfast safe, 23 cm wide and 29 cm long. This set has colors and varied motifs that give it a more sweet and childlike style.

With this type of bag you can carry your breakfast safely, with a very practical and simple closure that uses a system of laces.

Choose between the different assortments and keep your basic favorite daycare bag!