Choose now among the funniest nursery smocks and babis!

The daycare babis we offer at Dyneke are essentially fun. Our passion is to provide fun and comfort to the little ones so that they feel comfortable in their first didactic experience, the nursery.

You will find two different types of nursery clothes on offer: nursery gowns and daycare babis. Mainly both share a solid design with scratched mosaics or a more profiled design that includes buttons on garments for nurseries.

The nursery gowns have a longer and tight sizing at the waist, thus gaining greater mobility. On the other hand, all the models have an original embroidery on one side and on the other side we make a pocket of the same color as the buttons on the coats, thus gaining originality.

It should be added that the entire school collection is redesigned each season adapting it to new designs and trends in the market but being faithful to the comfort that distinguishes it. You can see how in the rubber cuffs of the nursery gowns, we incorporate an elastic material that covers and protects the street clothes of the boy or girl.

Unisex Babis Nursery Long Sleeve Collection

In the same category we find offers for nursery smocks, unlike gowns, these models are smaller and the presence of a main color predominates in the school garment.

A visual difference that stands out is the incorporation of elastic materials on the neck and cuffs, therefore, it is one of the easiest items to put on and take off from our entire range of babis.

For the stamp of authenticity of Dyneke has an embroidery of some pockets and some drawings with the same pattern that breaks the line of monotonous style of the nursery smocks.

Start discovering our collection of school clothes for kindergarten and fascinate!