Xyvier Llongueras, manager of Dyneke, tells us about the beginning, the career and the promising future of Dyneke nationally and internationally and explains why its products are a good option for those who want to wear an elegant and quality professional wardrobe.


How would you explain what Dyneke is?

It is a second-generation family business, which started out making house robes. Over the years everything evolved very fast and we have managed to apply the concept of fashion to workwear, that's why we say that we manufacture fashionable work clothes. We continually adapt to the latest trends and apply them to the clothing we manufacture.


Has it been difficult to combine these two concepts?

We wear a type of customer who with his image says a lot about his business and therefore has to take care of it. Our product has a lot of quality and good design. That's why we look for the professional who dresses elegantly and wants his clothes to be comfortable at the same time. Any professional who is facing the public and wants to differentiate himself with his image is a potential client of Dyneke.


What welcome do your products have in the school sector?

We come from the legacy of the first generation of the company, when more than 250 different school uniforms were made. This has been changing with the issue of the liberalization of uniforms in schools and we have found a niche market that consists of designing and producing fun gowns for both children and teachers.


The evolution, then, has been very remarkable.

Yes. We find that there is a part of the school sector that does not want the typical striped dressing gown, but wants fun gowns, with drawings, illustrations ... The whole generation that goes up - the digital generation - wants more diversification in products and prefers garments original to monotonous old robes.


A part of this digital generation that you commented followed you through your social networks.

Yes. We have a communication department in charge of interacting with our followers in social networks and that provides us with a lot of information about the feedback generated by our products.


Apart from the school sector, in what other sectors are you specialized?

At the moment there are two sectors in the labor world that have a lot of circulation, which are the hospitality industry and private health. Spain has a very strong gastronomic sector. And in the collective of the private health also begins to arrive the original professional dress and fun. For this reason, we are moving towards these sectors and we want to achieve what we have achieved with the school sector. In short, Dyneke is a good possibility for anyone who wants to have an elegant and quality professional wardrobe.


How do you face the future?

At the moment we are facing the future with great enthusiasm. We have been a couple of years with a certain optimism that begins to notice. There is a demand that gives us the illusion to start working with push in new sectors.