Dyneke has started the year by renovating its facilities and implementing new work systems. These improvements are part of the company's renewal process. We talked to Joan Barnés, Dyneke's executive director about the company's plans for the short and long term.

What are the goals of implementing the new work systems in Dyneke?

The main objective is to encourage teamwork. We want the Dyneke workers to form links between them so that - despite being in different departments - they work together and everyone is involved in the same goal. So far, Dyneke used a form of unidirectional work. Now it's about the company being completely open, with a mentality and a philosophy that reflects the motto "Dyneke somos todos".

This is achieved by creating new work dynamics.

Yes, it is necessary to create new dynamics of work and to reeducate the forms used for years. For this we will use all the technical and human means that we have at our disposal. In addition we will enhance our profiles in social networks, our presence in the media, etc. so that in the end everything is a complete block, a perfect gear.

What are the main renovations you will carry out within the company?

At the facilities level, what we are now working on is expanding the technical offices as new people are added and we need a physical space appropriate to the type of work we want to do. This means that we will all work in a completely open space, without any architectural barriers.

But the renovation does not only affect the facilities.

Exact. In addition to having restored facades and refurbished facilities, new systems of prevention of occupational risks are being implemented. We are also continuing training for all our workers. To this must be added the creation of three new departments: communication, exports and R & D.

The characteristics of a good work team are key to the operation of any department.

Yes. Especially the motivation, which affects not only the objectives of the company but also the day to day of the workers.

Why was the beginning of 2017 the most appropriate time to make this renewal of the company?

Because Dyneke has a very great potential, he has gone ahead despite the crisis and accumulates a 60 year trajectory. Now was the best time to make these changes since we have to adapt to the values ​​of the new generations. You have to work for goals. This makes workers more involved, more comfortable and easier to reconcile working life with their private lives. In the end, we all win: from our product to the company itself. We want to differentiate ourselves through our products, innovation and prevention of occupational risks.

Why is prevention of occupational hazards important?

Because for many years it has been ignored and sometimes the workers themselves consider it unnecessary. Working safer is one way to improve working conditions. It is almost as important to have a reasonable salary as to be in a safe, friendly environment and that makes it easy to reconcile.

What are Dyneke's short-term goals?

Have a sustained growth. Now we are making small changes to be very well positioned within three or four years and become leaders of the sector.

Are the health and hospitality sectors the most projected?

When we talk about the working world we all come to mind the same thing: a blue mechanic's monkey or people who work in services like the road and go dressed in fluorescent yellow. But the working world is very broad. We have specialized in the school sector but we see great potential in other sectors such as hospitality and healthcare. That is why we believe it is convenient to develop the R & D department and always be at the forefront of any type of design, drawing, fabrics ... to facilitate the professionals' daily life to the utmost. We want to have a competitive price but also stand out for our quality. The health sector and the hospitality sector allow us.

Will the R & D department gain much weight within the company?

Yes. This department will develop the most important characteristics of the most suitable garments for each job. Possibly, within the healthcare world, veterinarians will need some kind of tissue or feature different from what doctors need. With the hotel industry, the same thing happens. We want all workers in different sectors not to see themselves dressed in work clothes but in comfortable, practical clothes that fulfill the proper functions and that is in accordance with fashion. Our philosophy is to improve and continue to innovate in order to continually improve our products.