Dyneke is strongly committed to the conquest of new international markets where to expand their export activity, their presence and their business opportunities and, for about a year, commercializes their products in France through My Look Pro, which is one of the strongest professional clothing distributors in the French market.

Last June, the heads of My Look Pro and Dyneke met at Barcelona’s headquarters to strengthen links, as well as learn in first person the facilities, the manufacturing process and the great team that is behind the brand.

Now, the two companies have gone a step further and have formalized an exclusivity commitment. At the beginning of July, they signed a collaboration agreement so that My Look Pro could represent exclusively the products of Dyneke in France and they can also export them to other countries such as Switzerland, Italy or Belgium.

"At Dyneke we came to the conclusion of creating bonds and collaborations with other companies so we managed to have synergies and possibilities of business extensions in other European countries." Unity gives strength.