This morning has taken place in the Somiatruites Restaurant an informal breakfast for the press with the aim of making known at what point are the projects that David Andrés and his brother Xavier have in hand.

End of San Pellegrino Young Xef. Recall that last November of 2017, David Andrés was proclaimed winner of the Iberian region (Spain and Portugal) but the Grand Final of this year is getting closer. From May 11 to 13 David will compete with other young Chefs from different parts of the world showing once again their creativity and good work. David told us how he did last year, how he thought of his recipe (using parts of tuna that are not commonly used, philosophy of recycling and sustainability in a recipe), how it was prepared, the odd anecdote and how he faces the Grand Final . It reiterates once again that for him there is no rivalry but a great opportunity to share, learn from the best and show your work to the world.

Hotel Somiatruites. The development of the Somiatruites also goes through the creation of the Hotel, which will be released this 2018. Always taking into account concepts such as: sustainability, recycling, optimization, reuse ... (as we have already mentioned, David already took into account in his tuna recipe for the San Pellegrino Young Xef 2017) the Somiatruites is a project that feeds on values.

Proof of this is that the hotel will have a metal structure and is a project with an important technological component. It has energy quality A. We have known a little bit about how the execution works have been considered. All this always taking care of the connection between the project and the neighborhood where it is located and taking care of the details as much as in the Restaurant. There will be an adaptation of the kitchen also thinking about the Hotel.

The rooms will not be just a bed to spend the night, but are very thought for the guest (whether you are staying for work or pleasure) feel at home and have all the amenities. They will be singular rooms (7, by the way, that will generate some jobs).

And the cover is designed as a planter (which already represents a thermal insulation) where there will be an ecological garden that will allow the Project to be nourished with food of Km.0

Both David and Xavier have told us more things but they will reveal themselves little by little :)

At Dyneke we believe in and bet on the projects of David Andrés and the entire Somiatruites team so we are very happy to have been able to attend this event today.

To be continue…