The Fòrum Gastronòmic 2017 was held in Girona on 19, 20 and 21 November. Currently, Fòrum Gastronòmic holds the largest fair that takes place within gastronomic events, and where all sectors of the hospitality industry and the foodservice are represented. In total there have been more than 250 companies and Dyneke could not miss.

We have been present to publicize our new professional wardrobe collection for the Hospitality sector. And, in addition, we dressed the staff of Moner Catering, who were in charge of managing the Restaurant and Buffet of the Forum.

During the three days that this event lasted, both the Fair and the spaces where activities were held have always had a high occupancy rate.

At Dyneke we are very satisfied because despite being the first year that we have been at Fòrum, we have had very good results. Many people came to our stand to take an interest in our clothes. And we have been able to publicize our product, its design and quality in this important event that has consolidated as a great promotion platform.

One of the attractions of our stand was Chef David Andrés, image of our brand, whom we interviewed and told us about the latest awards he has received and some other future project. We will shortly publish the interview here on our blog.

As we told you, we make a very positive assessment of these three days.