In this post we tell you how to make original cardboard animals with rolls of toilet paper, a fairly simple task if we put a little imagination.

For this we need: rolls of toilet paper, scissors, tempera paints, colored cards, markers and decorative elements.

The first step to make the owls is to stick in the edges of one end of the tube to form an ear. Then, we paint with tempera paints of the desired color cardboard and when it has dried we use the colored cards to make details such as the eyes.

To make snakes, we proceed in the same way. We paint the tube with tempera and let it dry. Then, we will cut it spirally, as if we were peeling an apple. To finish, we will decorate the snake by painting colored polka dots and gluing parts like the eyes and the tongue.

We hope these crafts are useful for you to do in class!