How would you define Dyneke's products? What are their characteristics?

Personally, I define the Dyneke brand with the word "image". In addition, all those who know our products know that they are of high quality and have a very rigorous design. We could say that they are fashion items adapted to work uniformity.


In what way do you try to adapt your products to the different sectors for which you work?

There is a whole set of points that we have in mind:


-          We rigorously study the needs of the public to whom they are addressed.

-          We value the information that our distributors give us.

-          We take into account fashion trends both nationally and internationally: we attend different fairs in the sector, we follow specialized magazines ...

-          And last, and not least, we add our extensive experience.


What's new in the different lines this 2017?

As customers are increasingly demanding, this 2017 we have marked as a purpose to delve into the different divisions of Dyneke lines to get the product that best suits their needs. Here we focus on the incorporation of technical fabrics, which allow greater comfort, ease of washing and drying, more sophisticated patterns and minimalist design.


What are the lines with the most output?

We note a very notable interest in the health, hospitality and school sectors. As I mentioned earlier, we focus on each sector in a unique way to enhance it.


You are about to launch Dyneke's new school catalog. What's new?

It will be a great collection, with a lot of fantasy, result of the imagination and creativity of our design team. It is clear that our designs for schoolchildren and teachers have no limits and that the original and fun gowns are imposed on the monotonous and boring.