The company Dyneke, dedicated to the design and production of professional clothing, has started the year by updating its facilities. The works are part of the process of improving the company's activity.

On the one hand, the facade of the main plant that Dyneke has in the town of Piera has been restored. In addition, the adequacy works of the current offices have been started. The idea is that the current work space becomes a clear area and some architectural barriers are eliminated.

In this way, it will be facilitated that the different departments of the company add synergies and work together. The reforms, therefore, will promote new methods of work in the day to day of the company, such as greater horizontality.

Dyneke wants to be a benchmark company in innovation and work systems. "A safe and friendly environment is key to increasing the productivity and motivation of workers", explain those responsible. On the other hand, Dyneke has also released a corporate image. He has renewed his logos to make them more current, but he has kept the essence and colors of the originals, inspired by American design lines. In addition, the logos will have formats adapted to each of the sectors for which the company works: hospitality, health, school, etc.

Those responsible for Dyneke say that the current time is the most appropriate to carry out this entire renovation process due to "the great potential that the company has and the growth it will experience throughout 2017".