Since a few months ago, Dyneke has incorporated into its garments - specifically those belonging to the kitchen and spa lines - a new type of technical fabric: the fabric with silver ions, which is called the comfort system. The main properties of the comfort system fabric are the following: antibacterial activity, high perspiration, expulsion of moisture, soft touch, and all without damaging human skin.

The comfort system fabric is a lobular polyester fiber that favors fast drying and is especially indicated for those garments worn by professionals with great physical wear. In addition, it has antibacterial properties, that is, it inhibits the growth and development of bacteria or eliminates them without damaging the infected organism. The bacteria absorb the silver ions with the contact and they end up destroying them. The antibacterial properties are not lost with washing.

This ends up producing a sensation of dry body, fresh skin, softness, lightness and comfort. The incorporation of the comfort system fabric is Dyneke's commitment to innovate in the creation of fabrics and adapt to the maximum needs of the customers, promoting research and development (R & D) to improve continuously.